Amy Cromartie: Moving Sales: The Divestment Process, How it Affects What We Sell and How We Sell It

Eva Derilo: Effects of Alpha Male Leadership Style on Group Social Dynamics in Wild Capuchins (Cebus capucinus)

Antonio Gioia: Tradition to Modernity: The Use of Color Symbolism among Balinese Young People

Violette Ho: Going to College and Envisioning Futures: An Ethnographic Study of Female Undergraduate Students in Southern Vietnam

Delaney Knorr: Women in Heavy Metal: Gender Experience and Construction in a Contemporary Music Scene

Amanda Levensohn: Why sustain relationships with a person after they die: Ancestor veneration among the Talensi.

Jaklyn Nunga: Motivational YouTube Channels and their Relationship to Social Movements

Leon de Santillana: Dynamics of Privilege and Whiteness in a Transnational Site: English Teachers in South Korea


Francesca De La Fuente: The Construction and Interaction of Personal and Community Identities on Tumblr

Josh Paul Dhillon: Undocumented Punjabi Migrants’ Access to Healthcare

Elizabeth Hardy: The Existence and Significance of Commodities in Pre-State Societies: Ancient Nephrite Rings At and Around Lake Baikal, Russia

Lexy Hartford: Investigating the Role of Chicha in Andean Society: Prehistory to Present

Jason Naziri: Social Interactions and Quality of Life in Palliative Care

Allison Portney: The Role of Linguistic Demonstrations of Deference and Respect for Elderly Individuals in a California Adult Daycare Facility

Alexander Thompson: An Ethnography of Present-Day Scots Speakers in the Central and Mid-Northern Lowlands: Using a Minority Language to Meet Social, Political, and Identity Needs

Gray Tolhurst: Factors Influencing the Geographical Distribution of Food Availability in Los Angeles


Beatrice Anguiano: Impacts of a Captive Breeding Program on the Mating Behaviors of Three Chimpanzees

Tyler Clement: “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”: Fashioning an Identity Through the Language of Performance and Life Histories in Los Angeles Drag Queens

Lee Corkett: Re-imagining Indonesia: New Diversity in Javanese Photographies through Traditional Community Structures

Kendall Darfler: A Moral Code of Honest Representation: The Ethical Construction of Gender Identity in World of Warcraft

Kamlya Davis: The Currency of Power: The Political Uses of Coinage in Eighth-Century Anglo-Saxon England

Erika Drazen: Green Thoughts & (In)Action: The Perception, Utilization, and Conversation of the Environment as Influenced by the Institutions of Government, Family, and the Scouts of Australia

Samantha Iacobello: Kumeyaay Ethnobotany as a Cultural Preservation in San Diego County: The Intergenerational Transmission of Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Jade Jenkins: Los Rave Culture: The Politics of Representation of a Youth Culture Group

Prabhneet Kaur Singh: “Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam” (God’s name Heals All): The Role of a Sangat in Self-Transformative Healing

Leenoy Hendizadeh: The Coping Tools Shared by Family Caregivers of Late-Life Dementia Patients

Maureen Magee: Othering in the Land of Milk and Honey: Turning Points in Utahan Ex-Mormon Women’s Narratives of Religious Disaffiliation

Stacy Miller: The Lion Temple at Jaffa: Archaeological Investigations of the Late Bronze Age Egyptian Occupation in Canaan

Oliver Organista: The Impact of Space on Gender Relations: Spatial Restrictions and Accessibility in Viking Age Longhorns

Julie Strom: Empathy and the Moral Negotiation of Science Fiction Fandom

Oanh Ta: Embodying Tradition: Cultural Understandings Perceived Through Socialization to Hula Kahiko and Hula Auana


Alexandra Athens: Pinned Up: Articulations and Embodiments of Class and Gender in a Hot Rod Subculture

Kerby Bennett: Texting Norms and Ideologies: Text Communication’s Interactions with Traditional Communicative Styles

Barry Alain Brilliantes: Subsistence Adaptations and Formative Transitions on the Pacific Coast of Chiapas, Mexico

Sandy Enriquez: Paykunaq Rimankupi (In Their Own Words): The Social Uses of Ethnicity and Tourism Among Andean Youth in Cusco, Peru

Michael Giffin: Holding on for Dear Life: Institutionalized Experience and Selfhood at a Holding Center in the Visayan Philippines

Zachary Fleming: Traditional Osteopathy: Patient Centered Medicine

Hallee Hirsh: Just a Click Away: Building and Maintaining Relationships in a Chinese Social Network Site

Kotrina Kajokaite: Variation in Strength and Stability of Female-Female Long-Term Relationships in Wild Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus Capunicus)

Lilia Rodriguez: Playing with the Rules: Building Agency and Student Engagement Through Student Participation at an Afterschool Program

Christopher Stephan: The Experience of the Holy Spirit as “Heterogenous Volition”

Crystal Weaver: Declining Membership and the Closure of a “Hard-Shell” Predestinarian Church